Computer Access Assessment

Epic Enterprise specializes in Ergonomick Risk Assessment,s Assistive Technology Evaluations and Technology Training Services. We work with government, business, education, health services organizations, and individuals to provide accessible and cost-effective ergonomic and technolgoy solutions.


  • Dragon Naturall Speaking
      • Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictates up to 160 words per minute! If you had to type a 900-word document, it could take nearly 20 minutes even for a fast typist. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, the same document can be created in just 6 minutes! But most people start using it because of nominal or aggressive disability. We specialize in Training new and existing users to use the software effectively (including creating custom macros)
  • Zoomtext
      • “Those with vision problems need not be left in the dark when it comes to reading, and the new Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre has an area with several pieces of equipment dedicated to assisting them - including ZoomText!”
  • Computer Accessibility Training
      • Learn how to access computer more efficiently with / without any disability. There are lot of tips and tricks that can help you work more efficiently – they range from ergonomic placements, avoid burnout without losing efficiency, or learn the shortcuts to achieve results faster.
  • Interface design / testing
  • Software Quality Control (with ISO9002 principles)
  • Documentation of existing and new systems